Download Classic Scottish Music renditions in the melodic voice of Celtic Angel on iTunes

Scotland is known for its traditional Scottish music, which has remained vibrant to this day. Many genres or forms of traditional music have lost their popularity to contemporary music, but in spite of the fact that many Scottish people emigrated to other countries, they kept a very well-developed connection to the music they imported when they left their country. For example, Celtic Angel’s parents are third generation Celtics and have passed on the music to her brothers and sisters, and in some cases it is a more pure form than in most places throughout Scotland or Ireland.

Much of Celtic Angel’s musical influence came from her mother, Lillian (Ryan) and father, James Fraser. Lillian was a soprano who frequently performed at local Celtic music events and concerts. Celtic Angel’s younger sister, Maureen, is a professional Scottish step-dancer and has a thriving step-dancing school in Antigonish, nova Scotia. Some of her steps are from a very old style that is no longer found in Scotland. Her older sister, Patricia, is a high school music teacher and flautist who performs Celtic and other styles of music with her brother, Wayne, a guitarist. Her father was a great bagpiper in his time and is known throughout Cape Breton as a prominent Scottish fiddler.

In her 16 track album CELTIC HITS, Celtic Angel has reinvented several classic Scottish Music songs with her personal touch.  Some of these Scottish songs include: Scotland the Brave and Scottish Soldier.