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Celtic Angel – Canadian Singer of Traditional Celtic Music

2015 Finalist at The Australian Celtic Music Awards – Celtic Life International Artist of the Year! 

Celtic Angel has passionately and meticulously produced her debut Celtic Music CD entitled ‘Celtic Hits’aspiring to bring the musical melodies and lyrics of the Celts into Canadian homes.  The CD is a refreshing fusion of famous Irish songs and Scottish melodies, as well as traditional instrumentation, combined with modern musical arrangements that transcend national and cultural borders.

It highlights her lyrical, lilting, sweet and sincere voice, while revitalizing iconic lyrics written decades, or even centuries ago, with new life and energy. The result is a compilation of some of the best Celtic music and Celtic songs ever written – pure magic to the ears and soul.

58 Minutes of joy! What are you waiting for? Add this uplifting and inspiring music CD to your collection, you will simply love it.

For more Scottish and Irish folk music online, visit the artist’s dedicated YouTube channel or find her top hits on iTunes!


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CANADIAN CELTIC MUSIC – Smooth, Serene and Sensitive

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