Celtic Angel - Canadian Singer of Traditional Celtic Music

2015 Finalist at The Australian Celtic Music Awards - Celtic Life International Artist of the Year! 

Celtic Angel has passionately and meticulously produced her debut Celtic Music CD entitled ‘Celtic Hits’aspiring to bring the musical melodies and lyrics of the Celts into Canadian homes.  The CD is a refreshing fusion of famous Irish songs and Scottish melodies, as well as traditional instrumentation, combined with modern musical arrangements that transcend national and cultural borders. It highlights her lyrical, lilting, sweet and sincere voice, while revitalizing iconic lyrics written decades, or even centuries ago, with new life and energy. The result is a compilation of some of the best Celtic music and Celtic songs ever written - pure magic to the ears and soul. 58 Minutes of joy! What are you waiting for? Add this uplifting and inspiring music CD to your collection, you will simply love it. For more Scottish and Irish folk music online, visit the artist's dedicated YouTube channel or find her top hits on iTunes!


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CANADIAN CELTIC MUSIC - Smooth, Serene and Sensitive

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Discover the magic of Celtic Songs by Canadian Singer Celtic Angel

In her 16 track Album CELTIC HITS Canadian Singer Celtic Angel has composed and sung timeless Celtic Songs with heartfelt emotion.  Some of the these Celtic Songs include:  An Eriskay Love Lilt,  The Road to the Isles, and Driftwood.

Celtic songs or celtic music is a rather loose one. It is the traditional music of the celtic countries - Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany (in France), and Galicia (in Spain). Many Celts migrated to the US and the maritime provinces of Canada so their music and their music is very strong in these areas as well. There is also newer Celtic songs and new Celtic genres that have had the influence of the traditional music of these Celtic countries.

The term is sometimes controversial. The Celts as an identifiable race are long gone, there are strong differences between traditional music in the different countries, and many of the similarities are due to more recent influences. Celtic is often thought as implying to celtic mysticism and a particular influence in new-age music, which has nothing to do with traditional music. The true Celtic songs and music are a mixture of Irish and Scottish traditional songs. Cape Breton musicians frequently play Irish or Scottish music. In Canada and the US, the traditions are much more mixed, there the term 'celtic' is most used, though it is also true that many groups from particular celtic regions play the music of another region too.

Folk or world music are sometimes used to describe Celtic songs and music but are vague description of the style. ‘Celtic' is what we use for Ceolas.

You can download these Celtic songs now on  iTunes and enjoy the magic of nostalgic celtic music.


Singer of Irish Music, Folk and Traditional Songs - Fourth Generation Canadian Scottish Irish Singer

Celtic Angel, Leela Barbara Fraser, is a fourth generation Celtic Canadian singer of Scottish and Irish ancestry.  She was born in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada, into a musical family.  All eight children of the talented Fraser family grew up singing Irish folk music, Scottish and Celtic Songs, as well as Christian Music at community events in Eastern Canada.

Celtic Angel pursued her passion for music diligently and is a professionally trained soprano with a Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice and a Diploma in Jazz Studies from St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS. She is extremely creative at composing and recording, and understands the theories and intricate procedures of music making. In the past she has composed, recorded and performed not only traditional Irish Music, but also Eastern Mantras, Music for Yoga, and Live Indian Music.

Her angelic singing voice makes her a natural singer of Irish Songs and melodies. She has composed, arranged, and developed a unique style of Celtic Music that blends the traditional and classic melodies, of Scottish and Irish influence, with instruments such as the bagpipes, bodhran, tin whistle, Celtic harp, violin, piano, guitar, and strings creating her timeless and unique style of  music. Her sweet, melodic voice highlights these instruments to create that special, ethereal mood that characterizes this newly created genre.

Much of Celtic Angel's inspiration for music came from her mother, Lillian (Ryan) and father, James Fraser. Lillian was a soprano who frequently performed as a church choir soloist and at local Celtic music events, concerts, as well as in musical theater.  Leela has a great affinity for the bagpipes, as she grew up hearing her father playing them on most evenings, often lullabying her to sleep.  Her father is also a popular local Scottish fiddler in NS.

Over time, she has witnessed the disappearance of many iconic national folk songs due to the advent of new musical genres and styles.  This has motivated her to take on the project of recording and reviving traditional songs.

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